There will be 6000 Grayling fingerlings added to the beck this year (2019) and the same amount will be added for the next three years.These have been introduced to the beck by the Environment agency from their Brood stock at Calverton fish farm in Nottinghamshire. The brood stock that have produced these fingerlings have to derive from the indigenous stock that live within the same water The Derwent valley catchment area.

This years (2020) Grayling  have been confirmed for delivery and will be introduced to the Beck in the next week. The Grayling that were put into the Beck Last year have had regular checks in the location that they were introduced and they are still thriving in their shoals in shallow water.They live in very shallow water as juveniles and migrate to deeper colder water as they grow.

The 2020 Grayling fingerling stock were added to the Beck last Wednesday and we had an added bonus of 2000, so in total we had 8000 fingerlings added to the Upper reaches of the beck and hopefully they will settle in and grow on.

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